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Short term emergency loans

A large percentage of people who need loans just need cash in the short term to get them through a rough period. It may be that when you get your next paycheck you will have enough, but cannot wait that long or that within a couple of months you expect to be back on track. In these situations, many people would prefer to avoid a long drawn-out process applying for a bank loan. In fact, these loans may take longer to be approved than the loan is even needed for. Finding short term emergency loans is possible and can help you get back on track. Call Now: (209) 245-8190

Types of short term loans

Short term emergency loans come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. For particularly short term loans that will see you through just until your next paycheck arrives, payday loans may be appropriate. These loans provide a cash amount based on the size of your paycheck. They are unsecured loans and because they are such short-term loans they have usually very high interest rates associated with them. Alternatively, car title loans also offer short term emergency loans and are secured loans.

A closer look at car title loans

Car title loans in Stockton are secured with your vehicle and range in size from $2,600 to $20,000. The lender becomes the lien holder of the vehicle while you repay the loan, with the lien returning to you once it has been fully repaid. In order to apply you must be resident in the area and have a vehicle with a valid car title. There is no credit check, so all types of credit are accepted. The loans can be available in as little as a few hours and you can keep driving your car for the life of the loan. All these facts make car title loans popular options in times of emergency.


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